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Automotive Service performed by Connecticut Locksmith Plus

Everyone locks themself out of their car once in a while. Its very frustrating to be locked out of your vehicle but with the right tools and skills its usually easy for us to gain entry.  While we're there we can make you extra keys. In fact there are a few automobile services we can provide and more to come.

Emergency Door Opening

24 hours a day 7 days a week we will get you into your car, truck, bus, etc.. We can get there within 45 minutes and give you the price in advance in most cases.

High Security Vehicles

Even if your car or truck is equiped with high security alarms we can still gain entry when your locked out. And if the alarm sounds off we can reset it.

Thaw Frozen Door Locks

When old man winter freezes your locks your locked out of your car. We have the knowlege and the equipment to get you in without damaging your locks or doors.

Transponder Chip Keys

If your car or truck requires special keys called transponder keys to start it, special knowlege,equipment and key blanks are needed to make  keys . We will have all that soon.

Keys made on site

 If you have transponder keys see the section that pertains to them but if you don't it's easy for us to make keys for your vehicle and we can make them at your location.

Repair & Replace All Ignitions

Soon we will be expanding our service to include replaceing or repairing ignitions so if you need that contact us. Find out if we do that at that time.

Key Extraction

Often a key will break off in the ignition or door lock cylinder. If that happens it is very hard to get it out sometimes. We carry special tools to extract broken or stuck keys.

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