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Residential Services Performed by Connecticut Locksmith Plus

We take great pride in our ability to help people with their locks. When people are locked out of their home, business or vehicle, it's very rewarding to be an essential asset in their ability to regain their property and security. Worn locks are a nuisance to put up with and often become the source of a lock-out situation. We can repair or replace your doorknobs, handles and locks with high quality warranted fixtures that will work and look great for many years. If you would like to change your locks for security, we usually can change the internal parts of your existing locks instead, which will save you money. A popular request is to cut in a new deadbolt where none existed before. Our carpentry skills allow us to accomplish this job with the expertise evident in all our work. Because convenience is paramount in servicing our customers, we are more than just locksmiths. Duel licensing allows us to repair or replace a door, if it's a problem, not just the lock. As licensed home improvement contractors, we can provide a vast array of handyman/home improvement services. In addition, our services also include excavating and trenching work.

House Lockout

Only a licensed locksmith and police are allowed to be in posession of the tools that are required to pick a lock or gain entry in  many other ways. Our locksmiths are licensed and skilled at gaining entry without doing dammage.

Garage Locks

Overhead doors and the related hardware can be a sorce of frustration because they often don't work right. We can fix problems with the doors, the hardware and the locks. We can even install new doors.

Locks Change/Repair

Just moving in to a new home or office? change the locks. You never know who might have a key. When we change a lock we can often change it by rekeying the same lock to save you money. If you have a broken lock we'll fix or replace it.

Rekey/ Master key

A master key system is complicated to install and requires special skills and tools but not a problem for our skilled locksmiths. One of our primary services is rekeying. It's a savings over installing a new lock. Rekeying also allows locks to be keyed alike.

Duplicate Keys

We have key machines right on our trucks so location key cutting is one of our services that is very conveyant for the home or business owner.

Non-Destructive Entry

Gaining entry to a locked building or vehical without doing damage is our specilty. If we have to destroy a lock we can replace it on the spot with locks we stock on the truck.

Electronic Locks/Key Pads

Style conveiance and security are what you get in an electronic lockset or keypad and we can install them and program them with the level of skill that is required in these complicated locks.

Connecticut Locksmith Plus is pleased to provide the following additional residential services:

Total Home Security

We can inspect your home and eliminate any weak points in security by upgrading locks, making windows more secure and a varity other techniques to make youe home safe

Pick-Proof Cylinder Deadbolts

High quality high security locks are a must in some areas and we can install them with the exact installation proceses required for the most security possible

Custom Surveillance and Security Systems

A wireless state of the art security system with customized cameras and alarms can be installed in your home by our skilled technicians

All Types of Handyman work

Any type of handyman work our home improvement license allows us to do-we can do. It's too much to list but ask and you shall receive.

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